How to Avoid Mobilegeddon or Elements of Mobile Friendly Website?!

How to Avoid Mobilegeddon or Elements of Mobile Friendly Website?!

This might be old news but there are plenty of websites that are still getting a penalty for not being mobile friendly, they are the ones which do not properly open on smart mobile devices. The dawn of Mobilegeddon is upon us and there no way around it. If you didn’t know, starting April 21 of 2015 Google began to penalize websites for not being extensively user-friendly. In order to fix these elements Google developer team provides multiple tips on how to either fix or create a more user-friendly website.

Popular Custom Management Systems

Most CMS utilized websites are usually in the safe zone because custom management system developers update their work on a monthly basis. Business owners who purchased templates from reputable companies to improve their CMS visibility are aware of their mobile friendliness because this was a very popular subject starting from 2013. Most WordPress, Joomla!, Magento theme developers have been designing and tuning their themes to accurately open on smartphones, tablets, and glasses.

Custom Website Development

If your website was designed from scratch, Google may easily find errors on your website and red–flag it for containing on compatible mobile friendly components. This could not only affect your search engine page ranking what your page ranking overall. If you still have not tested your website for mobile friendliness, then we will guide you step-by-step how to make improvements and correct errors which are missing mobile friendly elements.

Mobilegeddon Test

All website owners should run a diagnostic and take the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It takes only a few minutes and it will accurately tell you which problems you might be facing and which areas of development need the most focus. Another good way to test your website is to open it on every possible device. Don’t forget tested on multiple Internet browsers.

3 Main Elements

There are three main components which define a website mobile-friendly. Header menu bar, easy to read content, visible call to action. If you have these three main elements working for you then some errors on a mobile friendly test could be overlooked.

Google Developers
The link above points to a page made by Google specifically to help website owners in tuning and re-designing their websites to fit the mobile friendly algorithm. Google developers want the website owners to reduce flash-based content, configure view point meta-tags, focus on text fonts visibility, configuring touch elements which are too close to each other, avoiding pop-ups and invasive advertisements.

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