10 Benefits of Hiring a Flyer Guy

10 Benefits of Hiring a Flyer Guy

Have you ever heard a kids story talking about the concept of a golden goose? Well a flyer guy/girl is the ideal golden goose for your local business marketing strategy. Of course, many businesses get rid of their flyer distribution personal because business owners have zero expectations from those people. Never the less, imagine choosing and hiring the right person who is trainable and could be shaped into your business niche delegate, would you then consider this beneficial strategy?

EDDM Replaced Flyer Guys

Many businesses make a claim that flyer distribution is only successful when its done through EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail, which is a service advertised by USPS designed for distribution of flyers to every mailbox which you can choose when registering for the service. Agreeable, it’s a great service which can target specific zipcodes, businesses, apartments and private residences, however, the printing which matches the EDDM standards may cost you your arm and a leg. EDDM standardized printable size and weight/thickness to parallel their distribution process which as well, allows them to make money on people who do not know how to save on EDDM printing. Find a EDDM printer near you. Many businesses usually outsource printing and EDDM registration to a 3rd party, while, many mom and pop shops commit to performing all the steps themselves. The thing is that when you do it all on your own, there is no one to blame. One tiny mistake can cost you thousands of

dollars and most of the time that money would be unrefundable.
Many businesses (real world) loose a good amount of their money to advertising though USPS mailing services. EDDM can’t promise you optimal results, no matter how many cool ads they design. The key behind the ROI when it comes to EDDM is the quality of your advertising design, relevant content, clear and visible call to action. Much also depends on the location of your business and the location you are targeting with your EDDM flyers/menus. If you can tune the process of choosing the most optimized EDDM settings when selecting your customer targeting, then replacing your flyer guy for USPS is the ideal strategy.

Training Your Perfect Flyer Guy

What if you can not afford $1000 ads? What is the ideal chose for your local business media distribution? You know, its that guy, THE FLYER GUY. Whether you hire a man or a women, it really does not matter who will do the foot work. You want to pay this person a reasonable amount of money for the most work he/she can do, right? This ideal individual has to be trained to use their time wisely while performing their ads media distribution routine.

Here is a list of all the skills a flyer guy should possess:

  • Outspoken: A flier guy is a sales person. Kick that shyness to the curb.
  • Enthusiastic: A fun person is more inviting than a gloomy plum.
  • Quick: Mind, body, soul. Logical, healthy, charismatic. Trainable.
  • Natural Psychologist: Can naturally read people and interact with them.
  • Niche Savvy: Knows the business operations ins and outs.

Here is a list of strategies for the flyer guy to utilize while performing the distribution routine:
(Big coastal city environment)

  • Distributing while standing by the primary business location.
  • Distributing while walking a busy street.
  • Mingling with pedestrians while distributing.
  • Legally solicit local residences, local businesses, apartment buildings.
  • Distribute media to family and friends. Believe in the quality of the product.

ROI of a Flyer Guy

With a trained distribution professional a small business can make significant reaches by optimizing the marketing strategy. Training the right person is half the job, he or she has to understand the business niche and which types of people are attracted to you products. Conducting weekly or daily meeting to inform and hype up the flyer guy is a good way to focus the effort towards ideal results. Making the distribution process fun and exciting can definitely motivate the person to do their best resulting in salary advancements and business expansions. May be your next flyer guy is so good you promote him or her to be your business manager. You never know.

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  1. fortgreen
    January 14, 16:34
    I used to be a flyer guy in Manhattan. It was the worst job in the world. The boss sold jewelry and would kill you for a nickle. Getting paid $50 a day is slavery. Standing around in the freezing cold handing out flyers. Not the ideal outcome for a high school graduate.

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