Donald Trump the King of Organic SEO

Donald Trump the King of Organic SEO

Its quite amazing to observe that major internet influences of 21st century can still have organic visitor views. Reading hand written articles and news which contain realistic information is a pleasure. Researching the web is what we do. Today we decided to research the rise of Donald Trump in the trending search engine results, instantly decided to cover this exclusive topic on this Sunday afternoon. Its not an everyday thing that you stumble on the Real King of the Internet.

Google Bomb

Research: “Top 10 Google Bombs. Well it seems like Donald has created his original organic Google Bomb. The internet is  bombarded with DT pictures, funny videos, memes, gifs, top 10, real world news, political campaigns, TV appearances, talk show enlightenment, gun control, celebrity bashing/roasting, and other eye catching techniques which make a memorable stamp on your subconscious. Whether DT will become the next president of United States of America or not, this post was not intended to cover this information. However, we were really interested to find out how Donald Trump is destroying his political opponents in the Internet Trends.

Out doing his political competition, Donald Trump is racing to the top just by being himself. This is not the case for his political “friends” where Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton are at equivalent trending levels. What are they doing wrong? Are they not appearing enough on celebrity drama TV series or shows, are they not doing enough appearances with people of America, or is it that Trump Industries are just too powerful for their Internet competition?


Funny enough the trending Internet America (world) is polluted with Star Wars advertisements and memorabilia. Dumping millions of dollars into Internet and local ads the movie franchise has made a crucial mistake when planing their adverting strategy. They could have save all that money  by creating a Donald Trump character and making a lego figurine which can be placed in his pixelated space fighter.

How Organic is Trump’s SEO?

How organic is Donald Trump’s SEO you ask? Well its pretty easy to figure this out. Donald Trump appears pretty much on every search result page of any given niches. Health care, gun control, luxury services, luxury brands, real estate, TV entertainment, Broadway, and of course casino and adult entertainment. We don’t find DT in the paid search result while major impressions are in primary organic results whether they are web, video, image, news, or other search engine queries. Even Google can’t shake off Donald Trump. In recent months someone designed a Chrome Donald Trump Filter which erases Donald Trump from the Internet. But even that cannot stop DT from total Internet domination. Even when you search deceitful Google for “Who will be the next President?” the Google results might display other candidates while the images display a picture of Donald Trump.

What Can We Learn From Donald Trump’s SEO Tactics?

Never miss a single day of work. Consistency in organic popularity is consistency in daily search engine optimization. Guest blogging, radio guest talk show appearances, TV appearances, Tweets and facebook signals, news aggregators, hateful comments and remarks all make Donald Trump the King of the Internet. The more people mention him or search for him the bigger his name will get and that’s how you win over an Internet crowd. To finalize his total dominance of the Internet all he has to do is create his own search engine, name it Donald Trump, that way his legacy will never be erased no matter how hard people try.

Are we being too gullible to think that Trump Industries is gaining organic popularity throughout the veiled internet community, or is this another Google Bomb that was dropped on the Internet it self by manipulative black hatters and spammy SEO “gurus”? Does not perceive that way for now, lets wait and see how the most popular man of the Internet can maintain his Search Engine Page Rank.

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