Call it like I see it or how I stopped believing SEO gurus

Call it like I see it or how I stopped believing SEO gurus

This post is about taking the veil off the SEO specialists or as they call themselves “gurus”, who come into your business, promise you 100% results, take your money, and then disapear without leaving a single footprint. Dealing with clients who have been burnt by search engine optimization scammers are difficult to convince in proper SEO procedure. Here’s a few facts which you should stop believing when shopping for SEO services.

Google Will Penalize You for Excessive Linking to Your Site

Whether you have a secret strategy of acquiring new links or you spend money on a linking service no matter what acquiring new links and securing old ones is the primary procedure for your website. Without high-quality links search engines will never recognize your PR or page rank which will correlate with your SERP keyword ranking. If you just began doing search engine optimization comprehension of PR or SERP is irrelevant but I detailed search will be required to understand what they are.

Buying Social Signals Will Get You to The First Page on Google

This statement could be very misleading and might steer the business owner on a wrong search engine optimization path. If you’re purchasing a social media signals package from a popular and competent advertising company does not specifically mean that the will purchase fake signals and then charge you quadrupled the money for their services. Now if a different company makes a statement that they are able to provide the business owner with hundreds of guaranteed social signals which guarantee search engine optimization results, then the business owner has to make a logical decision and avoid company in the second example. Almost every honest SEO specialist will tell you that it is impossible to guarantee anything in the search engine optimization business. Can a stockbroker guarantee his clients maximum results? Probably he can, but he would be lying.

A Small Blog Can Result in a Huge SEO Boost

Many business owners and bloggers are convinced that writing short articles and blog posts could potentially result in high ranking results. There are of course exceptions but this statement is barely vague at best. Articles or blog posts, content or product information has to be organic. If it takes more than 5000 words to describe the product or the latest news then there is no reason why the author should cut or reduce word count due to the leading costs. While “Contact is King”, the thin and silly content is the fool. Whether you like it or not a blog post should be no less than 1000 words.

Once a Schemer Always a Schemer

Not every single search engine optimization company is out there to get your last money. For some of us it is an honorable duty to help novice and experienced business owners with search engine optimization procedures. However, many business owners who have been burned by social media and marketing scams no longer believe in the competency of other business professionals and go to bashful extremes of hating on every single marketing company. On contrary thinking of every burn as a life’s lesson can help you sort through the cheaters and the superheroes.

Using Black Hat Methods Can Help You Gain an Advantage Over Your Competition

There is a few of you that think you can get search engine optimization results overnight using unconventional methods which is called black hat. In some cases those procedures can be recognize as spam, hacking, and other questionable methods. Some of these people are convinced to purchase special applications which assist them in spinning their content multiple times more than a normal human being can handle in a short period of time. The Google Panda and Penguin algorithms were specifically designed to seek out and destroy these fools. Of course there are many successful people who use black hat methods, while the reason why their are still in business is because there are fools who believe in the magic of overnight results. Please forgive us if you were one of the victims of SEO scams. The purpose of this article is to inform the reader and help them make logical and rational decisions when dealing with search engine optimization products.

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