EDDM REVIEW: Benefits and ROI


Ever hired a flyer guy to distribute your business advertisement to new potential customers? Ever find your flyers lying in the garbage instead of the customer’s hands? Using a flyer person to distribute your advertisement is now a thing of the past. United States Postal Service provides a multi-optional service distributing your printed advertisement to every door in the neighborhood placing the ads in their mailboxes. Every Door Direct Mail allows the business owner to choose the customers they want to target, their residential or business locations including other useful filters and options.

The Process

The EDDM process is pretty simple.

  • Choose the size of your flyers. Below we have displayed the most popular sizes that businesses use.
  • Choose the flyer thickness. Some card stock for printed flyers is not compatible to the EDDM process and will be rejected during the processing procedure. Ex.: QT 5000 of 6.5″x9” Flyers 16pt Thick were approved for EDDM services. Your printshop should know the card stock standardization for the EDDM services and should recommend you the most optimal resolution. If you do not want to use a local print job USPS will provide a printer for you however that option may double your costs.
 4.25″x14″  4.5″x12″
4.5″x12″ 9″x6.5″
6.5″x9 7″x8.5″
8.5″x7″ 11″x8.5″
8.5″x11″ 12″x9″
9″x12″ 14″x4.25″
  • Register with EDDM services and enter the information to begin the process.
  • Choose the desired settings for your optimal area and customer selection.
  • EDDM allows business owners to send up to 5000 flyers on a daily basis.


The benefits of EDDM services are believable:

  • Next Day advertisement distributions
  • Direct Targeting
  • Geo Location Selection
  • As low as 18.3¢ per mailpiece


The return on investment is questionable when it comes to EDDM. Many businesses who purchase these services without sufficient research will probably not gain much from this service. In fact people who purchase this service without understanding their future customers and their areas of residence will loose money. The ideal businesses to use EDDM are restaurants, barber shops, wholefoods, bagel shops, cellphone shops, advertisement agencies,  medical offices and doctors, luxury services, pet grooming, car/taxi and limo services, entertainment industry, grand openings, and other locally needed services.


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Every Door Direct Mail is an ideal service to replace your lazy flyer distributor.

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