How do I Reach First Place on Google Maps?

How do I Reach First Place on Google Maps?

If you have a local business, you would certainly not want to miss out on the opportunity to see it appearing on the search results of Google. With the rise in mobile technology, local searches have become an ever more valuable source of prospects for local products and services. You can have people from the entire local area flocking to your shop. The trouble is that your competitors will have their own influence on Google Maps. So how do you secure the 1st place? Or at least the 5th place? Here are some valuable tips shared by leading NYC SEO experts.

Getting Started

Is your business actually on Google Maps? If not, you must read all the SEO manuals which are delivered to you for free by Google. Google Maps Manual (Full). Fill out all fields in the form with your business goals and marketing strategy in mind. One major mistake to avoid is to use wrong keywords instead of your genuine business name and service types. Today, the search engine’s focus is to be “more human” and to bring the highest possible value to its users. On the other hand, you can use abbreviations when you enter your name, address and phone number just like you would if you were to put them on a printed ad. This won’t have an adverse impact on your ranking. Just make sure that your NAP (name, address, phone number) is completely accurate.
Select perfectly matching categories for your business. Yes, they can and actually should be more than one. Of course, relevance should be your highest priority. The description is the piece of content which people will read when they check out your business on Google Maps so it should be catchy and informative, but not too vague. You certainly know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Given this, our NYC SEO experts recommend using attractive photos of your shop and its products and services. Always keep your target audience in mind when selecting and creating promotional materials.

The Right Ingredients

Listings of your business on local directories online will help to boost your rankings on Google Maps. Although this is not the same thing as link building in traditional search engine optimization, it can be considered its equivalent. The more places your business is found on the web, the closer you will get to the dream first place on Google Maps.
As always, reviews play a key role for getting high ranking and for actually converting prospects into customers. Encourage your long-term and first-time customers to leave a review and some feedback. You should definitely give them some kind of incentive such as a small gift or membership to an exclusive group of customers who receive special offers. It may go without saying, but you should take advantage of the feedback to make your business and offerings even better.

Keep Improving

In addition to updating the information about your business regularly, you should also keep up with the latest trends set by Google and the ones in technology in general. This is a major piece of advice from the leading Sheepshead Bay SEO specialists. Keep in mind that your competitors will come up with all kinds of creative tactics so you have to be original and work consistently in order to stand out and keep your first place in the longer term.
It is time to give your local business first place on Google Maps.

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