Installing Window Cling Vinyl For Beginners

Installing Window Cling Vinyl For Beginners

Have you ever seen those businesses which placed beautiful paper banners with their advertisement stock to the window using scotch tape and other adhesive tools which leave atrocious marks on the smooth surface of the glass? It’s not uncommon to see this even till this day. For many years window clings have been the remedy utilized in placing advertisements on business front windows.

When you’re dealing with a company that specializes in printing, web and visual design, and search engine optimization combined, all options are taking care of for you. But what if you’re not able to hire such profession? Sometimes a business owner has to cut costs in order to survive. Choosing to print lower quality and perform installations is a common thing among business owners were trying to save money.

Planning To Install

When you’re planning to install a window cling you have to figure out whether the vinyl banner will be placed on the outside or the inside of the window. Prior to installation a printing specialist and project manager should have measured the window and calculated the ideal dimensions for the business advertisement. Sometimes the printed material may not be exact to what you have planned for. Such factors have to be considered prior to printing procedure. Covering large windows make cause the installation professionals to split the vinyl window cling banners into multiple pieces, which in some cases may be very difficult to install even for a professional.

Clean Window

After the print was created it’s time to install the window cling. You must clean the window before placing the window vinyl on its surface. To begin you need to remove all scotch tape and other adhesive and bumpy components which might create bubbles while applying the vinyl window clings. Using a good window cleaning solution and a razor blade is the best way to remove anything from your window glass. After all rough particles were removed it’s good to use your window cleaning solution to clean the entire window, or at least the area where the window cling to be placed.

Installing The Window vinyl

Installation tools

If you’re out there to do a perfect job it’s a good idea to take a few measurements and plays the window cling in the center of the window, or at least in the center of your desired space. Window clings vary in sizes. A small window vinyl can be installed within minutes while a 100 in.² window might take up to an hour to install by professionals. Using several people to do this is an ideal way to accurately install this type of vinyl, however, if you’re doing this all by yourself, it’s a good idea to use a sturdy ladder and a nice squeegee tool. Whether you window is large or small you will still need the a good and comfortable squeegee utility which could be purchased any Internet auction or shopping mall.


Prior to any installation the area on the window where the vinyl will be placed should be moist with water or window cleaning solution. We prefer to install our window clings from top to bottom. Once the top corners are pleased evenly, the rest of the vinyl is squeegeed out from the center to the left or the right end of the vinyl.

Getting Rid Of Bubbles

Expect many bubbles to be trapped within the layers of uneven vinyl folding over itself while you persistently squeegee out the window cleaning solution. Sometimes it’s good to reattach the area which has large trapped air pockets. This is done by unsticking that specific part (carefully) and reinstalling it with tighter force. Squeeze all water and air particles between the window and the vinyl cling.

There is another good way to get rid of bubbles but it requires multiple people. If space permits you one person goes on one side of the window and shines a flashlight handheld or on the smart phone, and points at the bubble for the installer located on the opposite side of the window. Once all the bubbles have been squeegeed out, the project is complete.

Taking The Template Paper Off The Vinyl

The window cling vinyl will be placed on a special paper which allows it to be smooth and straight. It allows installers to have an ideal handling of the window cling. In some cases the window cling is placed on the inside of the business window, in which case it retains that special paper. Some installers have a tendency to take that paper off, while most business owners will request for that paper to be left alone. This allows the business owner to take the vinyl off, and then and the most appropriate time to be placed back on the window. Some business owners have a tendency to use the same window cling for more than five years, while its quality allows the business owner to expose the vinyl to multiple wear and tear procedures.

Prices For Window Clings

Many large print shops will have their own printers which could perform window cling jobs, while many brokers and affiliates will not know the origin of their printed vinyl. Conducting business with a window vinyl professional is a crucial step to displaying a successful window ad. Brokers and print shops might charge you an approximately same price while the quality of the vinyl may vary due to print company selection. Most successful window cling printers will have a sample package which displays their vinyl mock-ups. An average price for a window cling starts at $13 per square foot. Window clings printed with a higher quality HD color me charge up to $25 per square foot.

Price For Window Cling Installation

Many professional vinyl installers will have a set price for their installation fees which may depend on the total hours or the total square footage of the window cling area. Some professionals extra fees for window cleaning regardless of its condition. An average price for a window cleaning is $20 – $100 (depending on the size). The cost for the window cling installation may cost from $5 – $20.

Poor Window Cling Quality

Prior to accepting your print job and placing it on your window it is a good idea to check it for imperfections. Regardless of the size the vinyl has to be inspected for color quality, vinyl quality, smoothness quality. Cheap or printers which are running out of ink might cause streaking in color which could be very visible on a window cling vinyl. Some vinyl might look like it’s compatible to a window cling but it may not suit the window cling procedure. Damaged vinyl which the printshop is usually aware of could be accidentally or purposefully sold to a client. Damaged or imperfect vinyl might be very difficult to install on the window and might cause restless frustrations which at the end come out of business owners pocket.

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