I am new, How can I create and install a website in less than an hour?

I am new, How can I create and install a website in less than an hour?

Hello my name is Dominic and today I will give you a quick checklist which will guide you through creating your own website and connecting it to the right channels. Now before I begin some terminology might sound like a foreign language to the novice but if you put a few moments into research you can find most information very quickly using Google search.

Now if you’re one of these people thinking that you can make a website as big as Facebook or Google in less than an hour you have misunderstood this post’ primary goal. I will only introduce you to the steps that are needed to be taken in order to submit a web development project into the public domain. Yes you can have a website created in less than an hour if you have all the visual design, information or content created in advance. Otherwise that part (texts, contact info, and other material) of the development routine could take some time.

First things first we need to create a folder named after the project where all information and material will be stored. This will help you save, share and edit your website files. Before I continue, it would be crucial for me to advise you in reminding yourself “to save your work is often as possible”. In any project that has to do with working on the computer you have to realize the fact that without saving your projects to a secure memory location is the first step to success.

The next step is one of the most exciting for me. Buying the domain name is one of the most important parts of owning and maintaining a website. For almost 2 decades business owners, bloggers and Internet users have been trying to get their hands on premium domain names or what is also known as TLD (top level domain names). What I’m trying to say here is that your desired domain name will either cost you a million bucks (through an auction) or just be unavailable. What is great about the Internet and its history is that we are now allowed to purchase domain extensions which can allow you to choose the domain name you desire, however some of these extensions may cost additional fees due to their premium options. Hiring a company to research your niche keywords and finding the post optimal domain name for your business is one of the best options for a business owner unless he/she is fully knowledgeable in how and where to purchase a domain name. We will not advertise company that specialize in domain name sales however using your search engine we prefer Google to find the best deal there. Many of these companies provide monthly bond codes with sales up to 89% off on your first purchases of domains as well as hosting accounts.

After you purchased your domain name you will need to purchase a hosting account. Now if you are reading this article this means that you know nothing about this and best option for you is to purchase hosting directly from the company that sold you the domain name. Calling a salesperson, using the coupon code, and using your wicked charm can save you hundreds of dollars in yearly fees used in maintaining your website. Make sure that your hosting account will come with a full accessed cPanel and database management system.

After your hosting account was created you will need to connect your hosting DNS codes to your domain name registration. The best way to learn about this procedure is to call your hosting provider or go to their website and in their help section search for “DNS connection”.

The next simple step is to create your business email. As an example in our case it’s contact@printwebseo.com. Usually hosting membership includes limited or unlimited email space which is attached to the duration of the hosting plan. However, I have noticed that many hosting companies like to sell email services separately from their hosting plans. As a smart business owner you should conduct your research on this subject matter. In 2015 Google made it possible for businesses to create business email accounts for less than $10 a month.

Even though I really told you to create a business email account, it is crucial for you to open up a separate email account through Gmail or their new service called Inbox. Why do I need two emails you ask? Gmail is an important part of social media and search engine optimization. Once acquiring an account with Gmail it will be very easy for you to set up all the social media components which exist on the Google platform.

After both emails were created, it’s a good practice to synchronize them or have the business email forwarded to Gmail account which will be used by you quite frequently in the future.

Call your hosting provider and ask one of their customer service agents to walk you through the process of installing a database, connecting a user name and email to it, and then installing your website on the created database. This is a very easy process because most hosting providers have an automatic application and their cPanel which assists users in installing a CMS which will be called WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, or other popular free or paid custom management systems. Discussing this with your customer service agent would be a good idea because he or she can explain to the process without you searching about it for hours.

What is a custom management system or CMS? A custom management system is basically an operating system which allows a novice user to create a website. Most custom management systems provide support as well as unlimited forum topics, themes and templates to make your website look professional and relate to your business niche. My favorite is WordPress. It is free and available on any cPanel system and gives you an unlimited range of options to create and maintain a small or a very large personal and business websites. Installation of WordPress can be as easy as 1-2-3. I am not joking. You choose the CMS, answer admin name and email information, type in the password and press create. Your new website is installed. Make sure to change the password for the admin user name, it might be in default.

Now if you already purchased your domain name in advance this process should have taken you more than a half an hour. Once the cornerstone of your website has been placed, it’s best to start tuning things in order to fit your project direction. Create additional user names, change passwords, and primarily prepare to install a permanent theme which was downloaded from competent sources or purchased from popular websites. Here’s a link to free WordPress themes just to get you started.


Additional installation

It’s best to create a free phone number as soon as you install your website. Best way to do this is using Google voice which can give you a free telephone number when you forward your home or cell phone number to the account. The best thing about this is that you can maintain your Google voice account and treated as it were an email account helping you to monitor and maintain daily business calls.

Before installing a website you have to have a search engine optimization plan. Whether your plan is to perform search engine optimization on your own or hiring a company to do it for you, you still need to be prepared to build your website around your SEO plan. Your SEO plan might contain your primary keywords, content or topics for your blogs, and other on page SEO strategies.
Major part of search engine optimization are the social media networks. One of the most important networks for your business is anything that has to do with Google applications. Here is a quick list:
Google Voice
G+ My Business
Web Mastering Tools
Additional social media networks are yelp, tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, VK, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Finding the right social media network or a group can help you advertise your business for nearly a fraction of the costs which are usually invested for local or global advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Besides social media networks there are other websites which can benefit you as a business owner and help your website become popular. This procedure cannot only take hours but maybe several years to and maintain to match your business needs.

Dear website beginner, prepare to do monotonous research in order for this process to be successful. Watch out for scam artists and fraudulent businesses which offer website and search engine optimization services. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you found a potential company to help you with your website and marketing needs, ask them about the plan and direction they will take in order to successfully finish your project. Ask them about total costs and hidden fees which may arise during the project time line. If the company offers you a contract, never sign it without a presence of an attorney who specializes in digital services.

Of course it’s best to perform this procedure on your own. Personal experience is priceless and what you might learn from this process can serve as a benefit to your business and your potential growth.

This blog post was written with the assistance of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium edition

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