How to find a perfect SEO company and get your money’s worth for all your advertising campaigns?

How to find a perfect SEO company and get your money’s worth for all your advertising campaigns?

While searching for a competent SEO company on Google Maps an average consumer would get with about 10,000 business results which eventually will deviate the customer from their purchasing plan. Purchasing the first thing that comes up on the Google results from the ads space for organic search findings is predictable guarantee to lose your advertising budget in less than a few months. Before looking for an SEO company, the business owner has to create a marketing plan or at least have an idea what they need to successfully promote and advertise their business. Once the plan is devised and the business owner is ready to spend money on advertising it’s best to find a company which can not only agree with that person’s ideology but as well provide useful information which could assess the business owner currently and in the near future.

Website Analysis

Before selling any search engine optimization plan a good advertising company should specialize in website analysis. This means that the company is able to diagnose a current website or marketing campaign and provide deep statistical analysis which breaks down total traffic, customer demographics, SEO locations, bounce around rates, return on investment, keyword popularity, prominent indexing, errors in meta-data, and much more information concerning campaign analysis. There are plenty of free resources on the Internet which can help a novice business owner in acquiring statistics which can further improve business strategies and consistent profits. The price for website analysis can range from FREE, $100-$3000 per cycle.

Keyword Research

Whether you already have a website or you’re planning to make one for your business is crucial for you to know which keywords are most important and successful for your business while using the Internet. While many Google and other private blogs have claimed that keyword research will soon be obsolete is still important and crucial for every business owner to know their top 100 keywords. Companies that specialize in keyword research can have the higher advantage over companies that disregard this procedure or make bashful statements to undermine the importance of this search engine optimization component. The cost for keyword research can range from approximately $200 to about $5000 depending on the size of the organization.

Domain Name Purchasing

You can not have a website without a good domain name. That’s a fact. Purchasing a good domain name with top level keywords is a needle in a haystack for current Internet entrepreneurs. Whether you do what on your own or higher a team which specialize in finding amazing domain names, it is a crucial step in the search engine optimization process and should never be taken lightly. There are many Internet companies which provide monthly coupons and holiday sales for new .com purchases where a business owner can save on their domain name over 80%. The cost for hiring a company discovered domains can range from $250 to indefinite amount due to the complexity of every project.

On Page Optimization

Any good search engine optimization company should specialize in on and off page optimization. Many novice business owners are afraid of this terminology because it sounds like a very difficult subject to understand and very short time. However, that is not the case because this just means that the specialists know how to create programmable content including the top-tier business keywords and topics as well as descriptive meta-tag data which allows the search engines to find your submitted information and make it public to the world. A pricelist for on page optimization might include contractual obligations and costs of approximately $300-$10,000 per contractual obligation.

Content Creation & Blogging

A company without a good content writing and copyright team will not be able to help the desperate business owner and their most difficult time. Without polished content a website or a marketing campaign will look weak and undermining. Sometimes weak content can turn your loyal client into a hateful enemy. A good blogger is the one who not only writes the blogs but is up to date with the news cycle and common Internet trends. Many people ask for tips in improving their website and search engine optimization campaigns, and the most common answer for such request would be adding a blog to the website. Entertaining information is a good bait for a common Internet user, and finding a cost-effective strategy to create new content is a good path to becoming a good fisherman. Don’t forget to spellcheck your content. Product or blog reviews can also be considered as content and should be encouraged and practiced. Average prices for content can range from $50 for simple text to $1000 for a 5000 word text.

Investing into Pay Per Click ads

On average, most search engine optimization companies specialize PPC ads from Google or other Internet advertisement companies. In recent times many business owners took it up on themselves to become PPC specialists while cutting out the middleman. On contrary, it is agreeable and forgivable for business owners to be skeptical of search engine optimization companies and perform this procedure usually in the privacy of their own home. Weather it is recommendable for business owners to avoid the opinions of specialists, it is important say that pay per click advertisement is an important part of search engine optimization process. A solid $2000 investment into Google PPC ads can guarantee your results but, can never guarantee you their frequency. If your company is ready to spend decent money for PPC ads is a good idea to spend an extra thousand on search engine optimization specialists.

Social Media Posts and Signals

A good and standard practice in search engine optimization is to expose your website and content to social media channels. The top 10 social media channels are Google+ and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, Vine, Youtube, Reddit. If you or your social media team can create enough noise in at least 3 networks, it would mean that your website would receive at least 100 voluble followers and visitors which you as a business owner will have to convert them into sales. A simple definition for social signals is creating a buzz around your social media account. This means your social media site has entertaining posts, engaging pictures, consistent videos, a following of more than 100 individuals, post likes, comments, and event invitation acceptances. An average social media team can cost as low as $300 a month to approximately $2000 a month.

Buying Black Hat Services

Be aware of black hat marketers which will mislead you to buy your social signals and posts for fraction of the cost. That is just simply not true. Most black hat strategies contain programmed robotic applications which troll the Internet and create unwanted spam. Google as the leading search engine provider has special robots which can identify black hat activity and ban your website or marketing campaign for indefinite time. All social media should be done by real people, with original ideas, and good grammar. You wouldn’t let a stranger hold your newborn baby, just as you wouldn’t give your passwords to the first person you meet on the street. Have a minimal education in social media marketing and search engine optimization in order to make reasonable decisions and avoid malicious scams which could ruin your business forever.

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