SERPFOX REVIEW: Benefits and Pricelist

SERPFOX REVIEW: Benefits and Pricelist


As the rotunda of the search engine optimization has begun its revolution it’s time to start tracking your keywords. What’s the point you ask? Well, tracking your success is a crucial part of search engine optimization and its multitude of ever-changing elements. Whether you doing SEO for a client or for yourself, using a search engine result page tracking tool is an ideal way to be ahead of your competition in the SEO game. Gaining most return on your investment could potentially be a the reflection of how well your SEO team has been focusing on tracking of SERP.

Why won’t your SEO consultant reveal the secret behind tracking SERP ranking? For one, the consultant would rather charge a few hundred bucks for carrying out this procedure rather than let you know how easy and important it is to track your keyword phrases. Another reason could be that the consultant would be skittish to show his optimization results and sudden fluctuations (usually digression) in the SERP ranking.

There are many SERP tracking tools on the Internet. Most of them have monthly fees and keyword limit restrictions. Most of these tracking tools focus on current, daily, weekly, and monthly SERP fluctuations in most common search engines. The real benefit of SERP tracking tools is to monitor a large amount of keywords across multiple website URLs.
Our SEO team in currently uses SERPFOX to track and monitor keyword phrases and their position in the search engines. We have tried many different SERP tracking utilities and SERPFOX was the most worthy resource for the money they charge. Bellow we will describe the reasons why we choose this brand to monitor our SERP.

Did You Know SERPFOX Is Free?

When you register for their services, SERPFOX offers free 10 keyword phrase tracking to prove their worthiness. How could anyone refuse free serp tracking?

Easy to Read

SERPFOX is an easy to read, self guiding online interface. SERPFOX allows the user to choose from easy or very complex tracking campaigns. Within minutes an average computer novice can create a tracking report for any keyword phrase desired, for any URL, our most popular search engines.


Accuracy is an important element of SERP tracking. Without accurate display of ranking, the interface is useless. Many similar companies advertise quality and yet contain non. After several tests we were convinced that SERPFOX was providing 99% accurate results. What’s grade about this platform is that you can always focus on the specific city or a more detailed geolocation and monitor how well your keyword phrases are doing in that specific search segment.

Multi-Client Friendly

If you specialize in search engine optimization, SERP tracking is the key to your successful gains. Having more than one client, an advertising agency might need to monitor multiple business niches, for numerous amount of websites. With a reliable SERP tracking in this case SERPFOX you can create detailed reports for your loyal clients as well as target specific keywords and URLs.

Notification Monitoring

If you are already at that stage when you’re dealing with 1st page search engine results than SERPFOX give you an outstanding option of receiving notifications about any keyword position fluctuation by setting up the margins in the setup.

Import & Export

With SERPFOX it is very easy to import and export data in order to speed up the sharing of SERP tracking process  with your clients.

Price List


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A competent interface for business owners and website monitors. Track your SERP with confidence.

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  1. Ronald Cristian
    February 15, 23:31
    I like using SERPFOX. It is more accurate than all the other crap that's available on the web unless you can afford high-end, expensive monitoring tools.

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