What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of a QR Code on Your Advertising?

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of a QR Code on Your Advertising?

Technology and innovation have always been important to businesses when it comes to establishing and preserving their competitive advantage. Now, the QR code technology rules the scene as the tool for bridging the gap between printed and digital media. You simply need to scan the code on the printed material using your smartphone and you will automatically get more content online. Is this technology right for your marketing strategy and for the business cards and other printed media which you use? Let’s find out.


The main benefit of using a QR code on business cards and promotional materials such as flyers is that the people who are interested in your company and its products and service will be able to access your website or a special landing page easily and quickly. This is called proximity marketing.  This is a great chance to provide more information and to make clients take direct action such as calling you, signing up to receive something or making direct purchase. Basically, this technology works as an excellent tool for promotion and conversion. Can the services for printing near me include a QR code on my business cards? All modern companies should offer this kind of special service.
The QR code can be made to elegantly blend with the design of the business card or other kinds of promotional printed media. You can work with experienced NYC printing specialists to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. When you want larger items such as takeout menus printed, you can opt for a bigger code with a flashier frame so that people can find it quickly and place an order right away.


Just like with all other marketing instruments, the QR code is suitable for a particular target audience. It includes the people who have access to this technology and who know how to use it and actually like using it. Studies have shown that smartphone owners who are inclined towards exploring their apps are more likely to use it. Similarly, younger people are more keen on scanning the code compared to older adults. The is also the case of men compared to women. Given all this, if your target audience doesn’t know how to use QR technology, you can opt for business cards and other printed media without a QR code. You simply need to specify your preferences when you use our printing services.

Making a Decision

You know your business and your customers better than anyone so the decision of whether to use a QR code on your business cards and other printed promotional materials is totally yours. Think about how you want to position your business and what kind of image you want to create for it in the minds of your prospects and existing clients. You should also consider the ways in which you traditionally communicate with them. If you rely greatly on modern technology (your website, your app and the social networks), then using this kind of tool makes perfect sense. You should also consider the characteristics of your target audience in great detail. You can readily consult our local NYC printing specialists to make the right decision.
Use the advice shared here to make up your mind about the usage of QR code on your printed materials.

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